Thursday, 5 November 2009

Blog Catch Up!

Because, frankly - I'm forgettting where I am and what day it is! I'm glad I decided to go with a separate dance blog, my Jottings here would have been completely swamped! Anyhoo - as you may have noticed, Dance Dance Dance is updated everyday, as is The Daily Scatter. #twinterviews has been updated today - do visit if you are an aspiring writer or an old hand looking for some inspiration, as Sally Quilford is that proverbial veritable mine of information and ideas!

The Unreality TV blog I just haven't had a chance to do this week - and it hasn't updated itself over there in the list, I don't know why - last weekend I was so disgusted at Simon Cowell letting Rachel go instead of Lloyd, I think my subconscience decided I wasn't bothered enough to seek out the videos - I don't watch it live because of some other programme, whose name escapes me at the moment!

My co-conspirators at The Regenerate are diving in now, taking forward the 55 Flash Fiction Friday and I'm *gulps guiltily* trying to keep up with the What's on Guide. Look out also for the Exquisite Corpse story, coming shortly to this blog here and others near me *eek* I've promised to do it and I can't keep them waiting - they've assured me only a paragraph is required! Only a paragraph - stop sniggering ...


Marilyn said...

Yep, stop sniggering, I know you can do it. Go for it lady Jaye.


Jaye said...

Your faith in me is ... frankly, quite disturbing! LOL x