Saturday, 7 November 2009

4BT: Music - Strictly Songtime

The Strictly Come Dancing Band do a sterling job every Saturday night, so I thought I'd take time out to showcase the singers, Lance, Hayley, Priscilla and Tommy, each of whom bring their own unique style to Strictly.

The band itself also have a new CD out, full of those wonderful songs from across the series, such as Hot Hot Hot, A Time for Us, Sing Sing Sing and Vehicle.

Lance - Don't Ever Leave Me Again - official website here.

Priscilla - Lift Him Up - check out the Prophecy album here.

Hayley's website has samples of the songs on her new album, Just Songs.

And you can hear Tommy here if you click to download the snapshot of his music PLUS - you can see him live at the 606 Club on 7th December!

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