Friday, 17 September 2010

Flash Fiction Friday: Counting Song

I challenged my writers' group by email on Tuesday night, after being sent this press release by a friend. Come up with something, not necessarily a poem, that has the same first and last line, with the last line of each paragraph/verse being the first line of the next. I wanted results at Wednesday's coffee morning - and promptly forgot to actually write anything myself! Until the coffee was served and Peter was tapping away, making me feel guilty. So I took inspiration from something I think I'd heard on CBBC the day before and wrote this in a couple of minutes! And why am I pleased about this? Because it's the first piece of fiction I've been inspired to write in ages, having been so busy with Rochester People!

Counting Song

One, two, three, four, five
Once I caught a man alive.

Once I caught the man alive
The poor lad had no idea
What he was in for.

What he was in for
Was a major dissecting.
Of the visceral kind.
He looked scared.

He looked scared
So I gave him five seconds
To run away.

One ... Two ... Three ... Four ... Five.

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