Sunday, 1 August 2010

McLaren Watch

It's all change at the top, unfortunately. Lewis looked set to gain another podium when transmission problems hit and with Jenson back down the field, the race belonged again to Mark Webber.

It should have belonged to Sebastian Vettel - and he didn't half get the hump when it all went pear-shaped following the safety car! Shades of another racing driver's arrogance creeping into him and Oh! talking of the other racing driver, Old Schuey nearly killed Rubens Barrichello because he didn't like being overtaken! *Tuts* Shades of Australia '94 there, methinks! Only no title up for grabs this time!

Mark Webber is now on 161; Lewis on 157; Sebastian on 151; Jenson on 147; Fernando on 141.Here's a rundown of the race, including the errant tyre!

Constructors wise, Red Bull take over on 312, McLaren on 304. They're off now for a month, let's hope McLaren come back re-charged!

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